SCT is an industry leader in the design, development and manufacturing of unique motion systems for a variety of applications from single axis seat shakers to multi-axis low clearance solutions. Each system is driven by a motion application specific line of SCT electric actuators using EtherCAT I/O technology. Please contact us with your unique motion requirements.

The standard product listed below is designed to accommodate lower payload applications with reduced stroke at a low cost. All SCT products may be customized for your application.

SCT 1600/4 3DOF 726 KG

Features 850 lbs. / 385 kg Max Lift Capacity/ Actuator
Power Requirement 120VAC 60Hz 20 Amps
Maximum Vertical Lift 4 Inches
Maximum Velocity 6 in/sec
Maximum Acceleration +/- 0.5 Gs
Frequency Range 0-20 Hz
Operating T° Rage/Humidity 0-40° C / 0-95% (No Dew)

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